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Classic Hardware

Classic Hardware is a unique designer jewellery brand, established in 1995 by Karen Cantor. It has swiftly gained popularity with Hollywood stars such as Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Eva Mendes, Paris Hilton, Kat Von D and Jennifer Love Hewitt. The jewellery has also been styled and featured prominently in various TV shows including Ugly Betty, Sex in the City, Nip Tuck, American Idol and Glee.

Mixing vintage vogue with today's hottest trends, Karyn has created a range of individual jewellery that’s modern, funky and quirky. By collaborating with popular contemporary artists, Karyn has fused art with jewellery to create individual, unique statement pieces. The designs range from manga-inspired necklaces featuring doll-like girls to cute, kitsch animal bracelets and dark gothic necklaces featuring seductive mermaids

Heaven Sends Logo

Heaven Sends

Heaven Sends are a giftware and home accessories brand which are shabby chic or Scandinavian inspired. The collection consists of everything from candles to wall hangings and every kind of home accessory in between. Founded over a decade ago, they have become synonymous with the image of an inviting, warm and cosy home.

Sass and Belle Logo

Sass and Belle

Sass and Belle are a quintessentially cute home and giftware brand which has a vintage, cosy feel. The range consists of garlands and bunting to cushions. Their classic owl cushion is a signature piece from the collection. Their products are often suitable as wedding gifts or can be used to decorate a child’s bedroom or nursery. The brand’s home accessories are sweet, chic and beautifully crafted, with many items in the range making great unique gifts and presents.