Home Decor Style Guide

If you're confusing your shabby chic with your vintage, look no further, this home decor style guide gives an overview on the latest home interior styles. If you’ve just moved into your home and are looking for inspiration, try out one of the following themes.

Before you start, make sure you take a good look at the room you’d like to ‘dress’ and take in its features. Does it have beams? Bay windows? Hardwood Floors? Large glass windows? Warm terracotta walls? A distressed feel with peeling paper? There’s a look and feel to every room and you should use it as a guideline and base for your look. Work with what you have and unless you're going for an ultra-modern style, always try to preserve the charm and natural beauty of your home.

Wall colour and texture contributes vastly to the atmosphere within a room so strip out what you don’t like and replace with something from your personality. If you’re in a rental with eggshell, magnolia or white walls – don’t fear – this makes a fantastic base for a wide variety of current trends, all it takes is a little bit of innovative accessorising, and thankfully, Rapunzel's Retreat is here to help.

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic is exceptionally on trend at the moment and involves picking old or new items for their distressed, antique look especially if it’s pretty, feminine or quaint. It has to be chic and beautiful rather than simply aged or overly worn. However, remember this isn't all about buying expensive vintage designer homewares , you can get the Shabby Chic for your home for much less and without the inconvenience of having to search through endless charity shops and high end vintage boutiques.

Typical colours include various shades of cream and greys, and soft muted beiges or browns. Rapunzel’s Retreat stocks various shabby chic items, all of which are new but are distressed – for example with the Large Shabby Chic Tea Light Birdcage the paint on the cage’s wire show flecks of the grey metal underneath. This gives it’s the home décor piece a softened effect rather than a primped and polished one, making the tea light appear more loved and delicate as a result. Shabby Chic is a lovely way to style bedrooms and sitting rooms in particular – it’s very inviting for friends and family to sit amid cream and floral cushions, filigree tea lights and soft, delicate cream bunting. See our Shabby Chic Home Accessories for inspiration or gifts for that special someone. Bunting is a particular favourite of ours – this cream vintage shabby chic bunting sets the right mood for a shabby chic sitting room.


Vintage Home Accessories are very popular at the moment. The interior design style is based on a thrifty and sometimes retro feel, with items often being found at markets and thrift store. The accurate definition of Vintage in the antique world is something that is over 50 years old, with the term antique being used on items older than 100 years old. Rapunzel’s Retreat stock items that are brand new but vintage inspired. This offers the benefits of new items with that gorgeous old-school feel. Patchwork, lace, tassels, retro – vintage covers a wide range of eclectic styles including cottage, French country and even shabby chic! And quite often these styles accompany each other in different rooms on the house so give you a chance to play around a little with your home décor. Being drawn to vintage inspired pieces is indicative of quality, evoking memories long forgotten, something special to be treasured. In an age where everything is disposable, replaceable and upgradable, Vintage brings a cosy warmth to the home. This vintage owl works beautifully in bedroom and sitting rooms.


The Nautical style works beautifully in kitchens and bedrooms and we think it'll be massively popular in early 2012. Boats are the main feature of this style, extending to fishes and crustaceans and mock lobster traps. The main emphasis is on clean lines with a slight shabby chic feel – think white-washed boats and quaint clusters of mirrored fishes on a bathroom wall. Our favourite pieces include the trawlers and set of whitewashed boats.


This style embodies the spirit of the Victorian age, where beauty and intricate detailing collides with the raw brutishness of industry and the mechanical age. The blending of these two themes creates a range of stunning objects which are both visually fascinating and functional. Our range includes symbols of the age of pioneering, from hot air balloon necklaces, to beautiful black faced pocket watches and brass forged key chain necklaces. A unique and beautiful, if uncompromising range of accessories we're sure you'll love as much as we do.